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The Next Generation Idiosyncratic Staking With The Rigor APR 1825%
BNB is the cryptocurrency coin that powers the Binance ecosystem. As one of the World's Most Popular utility token. BNBNXT comes with the distinct staking rewards programme sophesticatedly designed on binanance blockchain the most propounded blockchain with high scalability and low transaction medium

BNBNXT offers the miners the total number of active investors and personal retention minning income with a growing percentage depending on the BNBNXT community staking income, designed on Binance Smart Contract.

BNBNXT yield farming pertains 250% staking rewards for every investments placed into our contract with 5% adequate daily staking income.

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Staking History
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Referral program
Level 1(6%)
Level 2(2%)
Level 3(1.5%)
Level 4(1%)
Level 5(0.5%)

Our company BNBNXT is open to all comers, and we really appreciate the desire of our participants to spread the ideology of our society among our friends, colleagues, acquaintances. BNBNXT encourages the involvement of additional participants in our project. Attracting new participants to our society, you have a significant impact both on your own well-being and on the well-being of society as a whole.

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Accessible entrance
Deposit any amount of BNB to the smart contract and start making profits. The minimum deposit amount is 0.025 BNB. There is no maximum limit.
New Staker Bonus
0.1% per 50 investors who joined BNBNXT platform after you deposited. Limited to 5% until you claim 250% staking rewards..
Hold Bonus
BNBNXT extends miners income with Personal staking bonus as 0.1%per day when you hold staking income Limited to 2% untill you claim the rewards.
We recommend using: Metamask / Binance Chain Wallet browser extensions, or Trust Wallet mobile applications. You can exchange BNB coins at all popular exchangers.